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We at Acapsia Pharma Production GmbH understand the wishes and requirements of our customers. Our employees implement them reliably, flexibly and on schedule. Because reliability, flexibility and adherence to schedules are not just buzzwords for us, but our commitment. And we take this commitment very seriously because this is the foundation of our success. Our employees are experts in their field who possess a great deal of know-how, which they constantly expand through training and further education, have many years of experience, and continuously set high standards for themselves.

Medcosan Pharma Labor

Contract manufacturing

From the idea to the finished Product

You are planning to launch a new nutritional supplement? You would like to have your own cosmetic line professionally produced? We at Acapsia Pharma Production GmbH are happy to support you! Together we will develop your new product, assist you in packaging design, stand by your side if you need any advice regarding legal requirements and ensure product formulae that conform to the market standards. Acapsia Pharma Production GmbH applies the development of individual solutions as rapidly and reliably as comprehensive solutions in project development – from the idea to the finished product.

Our strengths – our certificates

    1. All-round service – from the procurement of raw materials to the final product
    2. Own laboratory
    3. Experts from all areas under one roof
    4. Individual formulae for your target group



We at Acapsia Pharma Production GmbH combine know-how with tradition. Whether cosmetics or nutritional supplements – our team of experienced employees is happy to assist our customers in every way possible. From the product idea to the finished product, from the formula to the production, we are there for you.

What we produce
  1. Creams
  2. Dragées
  3. Tablets (enteric-coated)
  4. Gels
  5. Solutions
  6. Capsules
  7. Film-coated tablets
  8. Ointments
  9. Syrups
  10. Tablets
  11. Suppositories
  12. Sachets
  13. Sticks
  14. Handmade soaps according to your wishes
Our promise to our customers

Our experience is your added value


  1. Acapsia Pharma Production GmbH has years of proven expertise in the development and manufacture of nutritional supplements and cosmetics.
  2. We offer each individual customer a tailor-made solution.
  3. We check and analyze your starting substances and (final)products.
  4. We support you throughout the entire product development process.
  5. We support you in the development of formulations, in the production, until the packaging of your products.
  6. The equipment of our laboratories and our company’s manufacturing facilities ensure flexible response to your product requirements.
  7. Acapsia Pharma Production GmbH holds all necessary production licenses and permits.
Always at your services

The services of our laboratory


  1. Thin layer chromatography
  2. HPLC
  3. Key figures (acid value, peroxide value, etc.)
  4. pH value determination
  5. Drying residue and loss on drying
  6. Ash content determination
  7. Ash residue
  8. UV-VIS spectrometer
  9. FT-IR spectrometer
  10. Titrations
  11. Disintegration tester (for disintegration of tablets and capsules)
  12. Index of refraction
  13. Density


You have an idea for an excellent new nutritional supplement or a cosmetic product and would like to commercialize it? Unfortunately, you do not have the capacity, know-how and equipment to manufacture this product yourself.

Well, what now?

This is where medcosan Pharma comes into play. You send us an inquiry and we check in a first step, whether your product passes the legal and technical feasibility test. Once this has been clarified, we jointly create or modify the formula and calculate the batch size.

Once this formula has been approved and the manufacturing specifications have been drawn up, we procure the necessary raw materials, check the texts and presentation of the packaging to ensure that they comply with legal requirements, and then we are ready to go: the manufacturing process begins.

During the manufacturing process, we constantly monitor the quality. Finally, the finished product is tested to determine whether all quality criteria have been met and whether it complies with the legally imposed standards. Finally, the time has come: you can now commercialize your unique product.


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